Community Development Fund – Survivors R Us ❤️

Today, we had the privilege of meeting the incredible team at Survivor’s R Us Incorporated who were selected as this month’s recipients of the Community Development Fund. ????
Survivors R Us is a self-funded, registered, not-for-profit charity that helps survivors of domestic violence and anyone else in need. ✅
The team consists entirely of dedicated volunteers who generously give their time to support our community. Their services offer a safe space where individuals or families in need can access essential items such as food, furniture, household goods, clothing, and other basic necessities. It is a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. ????
Over the past year, the team has experienced a significant increase in demand for their services. They accept donations from those willing to help and they are currently in urgent need of food, personal care products and basic necessities. ????????
We were truly amazed by the efforts of the Hunter Care Group team, who came together to donate four carloads of clothing, appliances, children’s toys, and household items. ????
After visiting Survivor’s R Us and hearing their inspiring story, we have decided to double our regular cash donation to $2,000.00! The work they do is truly exceptional! ⭐
Thank you, Survivor’s R Us, for your outstanding commitment to supporting our community. We are grateful for everything you do. ❤️
– HCG Team