Community Development Fund

What is the Hunter Care Group Community Development Fund (HCG CDF)?

Hunter Care Group since 2015, has received extraordinary support for our work in the community, supporting those with disability in the Hunter Region. We believe that it is our duty to give back to the community that has supported Hunter Care Group in becoming an industry leader in Disability & Mental Health service delivery.

The community development fund (CDF), is a funded initiative by Hunter Care Group, committing to support local businesses, volunteers & members of the community that demonstrate a high level of “community contribution”.

How does the CDF work?

  1. Hunter Care Group will be funding $1000.00 a month to the CDF.
  2. The CDF registration and application will be open to local businesses, volunteers, sporting teams or anything which directly contributes to supporting our local community.
  3. HCG will meet with suitable applicants to learn about how they are contributing to our community and where the funds will be spent.
  4. HCG will select one suitable recipient to receive the $1,000.00 development fund.
  5. HCG will then dedicate time with the recipient to further support the development of our community.

Apply for the Community Development Fund