Company Insight

We are pleased to congratulate some of our outstanding Support Workers, that have recently furthered their career through internal promotion ????
These phenomenal team members had been identified by our management team as dedicated & skilled individuals that align with our company vision and core values.
These staff members also obtained tertiary qualifications whilst out on the frontline.
Internal progression is an extremely important factor for Hunter Care Group.
We believe that frontline workers have the crucial experience and direct skills that cannot just be acquired via textbook.
Combining this field experience with staff that are also engaging in tertiary qualifications helps Hunter Care Group obtain and retain skilled and frontline experienced staff!
We value this principle so much that in total, 85% of our office-based employees have worked on the front line at some point in their career ☺️
Congratulations to our new staff who are joining our ever-growing team ❤️
– HCG Team