Good news story ????

We’re thrilled to share some great news as we close out the week! ❤

Our Participants continue to accomplish amazing things with the support of their Support Workers. One of our Participants, Janet, has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and also suffers from osteoarthritis, causing ongoing joint pain in her knees and hands. ????????

Janet had always dreamed of seeing a waterfall up close, but the trek required to get there posed a significant challenge. With the goal of reaching the middle viewing area of Somersby Falls, Janet spent months planning and preparing for the journey. With the assistance of her Support Worker Fran, Janet was able to make it to her destination! ????????

Janet’s passion for photography also came in handy during her trip. She captured some stunning shots of the falls and surrounding bushland. Janet expressed her gratitude and gained a significant sense of accomplishment, having never seen a waterfall up close before. With Fran’s help, she was able to conquer the stairs and achieve her goal. ????

Although the journey was physically and mentally challenging, Janet did exceptionally well and was ecstatic with her achievement. She took a rest day following the trip, but her pride in herself and her accomplishment remained. ????

Well done, Janet! We’re incredibly proud of you for achieving such a wonderful goal. Here’s to many more accomplishments in the future! ????


– HCG Team