Good News Story – Brett Building Capacity

Brett has been receiving support from HCG since 2017 with the aim of building capacity, in line with his NDIS Goals.
One activity that Brett particularly enjoys is playing lawn bowls at his local club. With the support of HCG, Brett has been able to attend lawn bowls regularly and has found it to be a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors ☀️
Over the years, Brett has built significant capacity in becoming independent with his social activities, and now attends the bowling club with a family member!
Brett still enjoys playing games with his support worker, however the fact that he can do this independently is a huge win and a goal ticked off the list ✅
The local bowling club has become like a second family to Brett, as he has made new friends and enjoys spending time with the easy-going people there.
In addition to having fun and staying fit, lawn bowls has also helped Brett stay connected with his family, who also play the game. It’s a common interest they all share, and Brett is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with his loved ones while doing something they all enjoy.
Brett’s experience at the bowling club has had a positive impact on his life, and he plans to continue playing for many years to come.
Well done, Brett, we are incredibly proud of your growth and achievements ❤
– HCG Team