Good News Story – Celebrating Carlo’s Milestones 😃

Last week marked the joyful celebration of both the birthday and one-year SIL anniversary for a cherished resident, Carlo. 🥳
Since moving into an HCG SIL home in January 2023, Carlo has undergone significant growth. His boosted confidence and refined daily living skills have paved the way for employment, the formation of friendships, and an overall enjoyable experience! 👏
On the social front, it’s been a delight witnessing Carlo break out of his shell, revealing the fantastic person he is. Recently, at our HCG Karaoke night, Carlo clinched the “best on ground” prize. 🎤⭐️
Carlo was able to share his anniversary and birthday joy with family, housemates, and friends at Warners at the Bay . It was an incredible day, and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with Carlo. ❤️
Well done, and a very Happy Birthday, mate!
HCG Team