Good News Story – Celebrating Jade’s Progress 😄

Jade commenced supports with Hunter Care Group in 2021, and has seen a lot of personal growth and has found a new lease on life. 🙋‍♂️
Jade has worked closely with Kacey and Malina (Coordinator and Specialist Coordinator), where a lot of time and work has gone into making goals a reality. ✅
Not only has Jade built the capacity to commence his goal of employment, he has reached 3 years of sobriety, looking to gain his drivers license and is currently in the process of obtaining his own place to call home. 🏠⭐️
Whilst Jade had been faced with many challenges, setbacks, and life struggles, he has shown the resilience and dedication to grow whilst receiving consistent NDIS Supports with Therapy, Coordination and Support Workers. 💪
We are incredibly proud of Jade and what he has managed to build in life. ❤
Keep up the fantastic work and self-growth, we are excited to see you continue kicking your goals. ⬆️
– HCG team