Good News Story – Celebrating Julie’s Achievements

We are ecstatic to share the incredible journey of Julie, a recipient of Direct Supports from a dedicated team of Hunter Care Group Support Workers.
When Julie first began receiving supports, we learned that she had faced high anxieties and mobility challenges that kept her confined to her home for many years.
This was a significant hurdle, but Julie’s recent progress has been truly remarkable. ❤️
With consistent support from her dedicated team of Support Workers, Coordination team, and essential home modifications, Julie has mustered the confidence and physical ability to step outside!
It all began with a simple walk into the sunlight to enjoy some snacks, but since then, Julie has achieved a monumental feat—venturing into the community to buy herself an ice cream!
Julie’s next plan is to walk to the local shops with her support workers. She’s expressed amazement at how much Newcastle has changed during her time away from exploration.
Congratulations, Julie! Your progress is truly inspiring, and it warms our hearts to see you achieving your goals and living your best life. ❤️
– HCG Team