Good News Story / Community Development Fund (CDF) Winners 😲

Congratulations to “City Sleep Safe” who have successfully been awarded $1,000 from the Hunter Care Group CDF fund 💵
The CDF Fund is Hunter Care Groups monthly commitment to our community, providing donations to local organisations, sporting teams, people, and businesses 😊
City Sleep Safe, is a “Community Rehabilitation Centre” located in Mayfield.
City Sleep Safe’s aim, is to help homeless community members living with addiction, link them in with supports and re-establish contact with family and friends ❤
Hunter Care Group is also proud to announce, we will be entering a partnership with “City Sleep Safe”.
Hunter Care Group will support City Sleep Safes vision, by collaboratively:
– Working to reducing addiction related homelessness ✅
– Increasing access to support services ✅
– Increase bed placements rates for homeless community ✅
– Ongoing economic support✅
– Ensuring community members transitioning out of the Centre
have sustainable frameworks established prior to exit ✅
It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with John from City Sleep Safe to learn about his story and experiences with this service.
It was great to hear that rather than using the funds for their own facility development, they decided to run a competition for their residents called “My Beautiful Life” where each resident spoke for a short time on their plans and aspirations for their future.
All residents that engaged were awarded a prize which contributed to new clothing, food, and support on their recovery journey 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
– HCG Team