Good News Story – Rachael’s Journey

Rachael started receiving support from Hunter Care Group in 2019 with the goal of receiving assistance with day-to-day tasks ✅
Despite being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, and blindness in one eye at a young age, Rachael developed determination to focus on health and fitness. Her dedication has since transformed her life and inspires others along the way.
With the assistance of HCG’s Support Workers, Rachael’s health, fitness, and confidence levels improved dramatically. She shed 50kgs and gained a positive mindset around her abilities and ambitions.
In early 2022, Rachael entered a running event, which was a significant milestone in her life. This led her to further embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle, despite the challenges she faced. Rachael’s journey culminated in her completing the 2023 Newcastle Half Marathon with a personal best time!
When talking about her achievements, Rachael remains driven to continuously better herself and inspire others to improve their mental and physical health through fitness. She now aspires to use her knowledge and skills to support others in need ❤
Rachael acknowledges that her own challenges or obstacles won’t disappear, but she approaches everything head on.
Rachael has provided us with a statement below.
“We are all much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Try doing something you think you can’t do. You may just defy your own impossible, but I promise you that you will learn so much about yourself & gain confidence along the way. Don’t be afraid to fail either, because there can be enormous growth in that too!”
Well done, Rachael, what an amazing story!
– HCG Team