Good News Story – Shanae’s Inspiring Journey 🌟

Shanae began receiving support with Hunter Care Group and her Coordinator of Supports, Kacey, in January of this year, following crucial NDIS plan review support to secure essential COS funding. ✅
Before turning to Hunter Care Group for Coordination, Shanae faced challenges. Relocation, the impact of COVID-19, and a significant decline in her mental health had caused her to disengage from her regular services. ↘️
Throughout the year, Shanae embraced some structured goal setting as well as engaging in allied health therapy and assessments. She also dedicated herself to improving her communication and expressing her emotions, something she had previously struggled with. 🙋‍♀️
Today, Shanae is actively involved in routine supports and a day program that provides exceptional support and has allowed her to form lifelong friendships, three days a week. ✅
Additionally, Shanae has been training and competing at Archery Tournaments throughout the year, even winning medals! She generously volunteers at her local Vinnies twice a week, giving back to her community. 🏹
Our team is incredibly enthusiastic about continuing to work with Shanae and her providers as we strive to achieve even more remarkable goals in the coming year! 🌟💪
Well done Shanae, we are proud of you and your achievements. ❤️
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