NDIS Coordination

Why use our Coordination of Supports?

Hunter Care Group Coordinators of Support (COS) work in our communities innovatively and efficiently with participants in how they utilise their NDIS Plan. We are one of the leading providers of Support Coordination in Newcastle. Communication is our focus, our management structure is designed in a way that your COS will be contactable daily. Our COS team in Newcastle is capped at managing a certain number of participants NDIS plans, to ensure the best quality supports are delivered to you.

What is Coordination of Supports?

Coordination of Supports (COS) focuses on supporting a participant with engaging with services such as informal, mainstream, community and other streams of funded supports.

We will support you in:

  • Assessing different support services and what will work best for you
  • Navigate you around what supports are funded in your NDIS plan and how we can implement them together
  • Manage your NDIS plan (budget) for you and advise your linked in supports of the breakdown of funds available.
  • Linking you in with specific supports that are funded in your plan (Clinical, Housing, Medical, Vocational)

NDIS Plan Review

The NDIS “plan review process” takes place after your NDIS plan has been active for 12 months. Hunter Care Group Coordinators will support you during the NDIS plan review process by:

  • Ensuring your COS is available to be present during your review
  • Addressing funded supports that were not adequate for your needs
  • Support collaborating with the NDIS about how your plan has been utilised
  • Hunter Care Group is one of the largest NDIS Providers of Support Coordination Newcastle.