New Car Experience ❤️

Since 2018, Hunter Care Group has been supporting an outstanding young man and it has been an absolute pleasure doing so. Recently, he underwent surgery and the lengthy recovery time had him feeling down due to missing out on some of his favourite activities, like regular hydrotherapy ????

However, this young man has always expressed a keen interest in cars of all models and sizes, and he has set some fantastic goals of obtaining work as a car detailer. The team has been working hard to build his capacity to achieve this ????

To lift his spirits following the surgery, the team went hunting for a local car dealership that would facilitate a mock purchase of a brand-new car, where he could explore the vehicle range, smell the new car scent, and learn about how each car was built, the various accessories they include, and why each car was special to the range ????

Despite facing challenges in securing this experience due to various dealerships denying the request, the team persisted and ultimately approached Newcastle Mazda, who were more than welcoming to facilitate the experience!

Mazda’s store manager, “Tom”, made the process extremely straightforward and comfortable for the young man, stating that he believes everyone should experience the purchase of a new car ⭐️

To make the experience even more memorable, the team managed to secure a drive for the young man in the front seat of a Supercharged SS Commodore, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s important to remember that things some take for granted are highly cherished by others. We are so proud and in awe of this young man. His ongoing capacity building and desire to grow despite challenges faced in life is inspiring. Well done to everyone involved ❤️

Big thank you to Newcastle Mazda for facilitating the experience!


-HCG Team