Staff Service Milestones

We’re excited to celebrate the amazing service milestones of two of our team members, Paige and Iain, who have been with us for 5 and 6 years respectively.
Paige joined Hunter Care Group in 2018 as a Support Worker with prior experience in childcare. She quickly learned the ropes and demonstrated exceptional skills in supporting NDIS Participants.
Due to her impressive work, Paige was promoted to a SIL Team Leader role during HCG’s SIL rollout. Paige’s continued drive and commitment to delivering high-quality supports led to her becoming a Coordinator of Supports in 2021. She is a valued member of our Coordination team and has helped HCG Participants achieve remarkable outcomes.
Iain joined Hunter Care Group in 2017 with a background in outreach and financial counselling. He is a vital part of our team, having played a significant role in strengthening our foundations as one of the first office staff to be employed.
Iain has overseen roughly 350 participants and provided over 100,000 hours’ worth of support provision for NDIS supports in the community! This is a tremendous achievement and speaks to his professional drive and caring nature ☺️
We cherish the opportunity to recognise staff service milestones, and we are incredibly grateful to have such fantastic people on our team who share our goal of providing high-quality and caring supports in the NDIS space ❤
Well done, Paige and Iain! 
– HCG Team