Community Development Fund (CFD) Winners

Hunter Care Group is proud to deliver our $1,000 monthly Community Development Fund donation to Hunter Heart Safe ❤️
Hunter Heart Safe are a group of local health care workers, volunteering their personal time to teach CPR and AED (Automated external defibrillator) use to the community.
A large portion of these volunteers are made up of Doctors and Nurses from the John Hunter Hospital ????
“Hands only” CPR has been shown to be as effective at saving lives in cardiac arrest as traditional CPR with rescue breathing.
A bystander is more likely to initiate chest compressions if they don’t feel obliged to perform mouth-to-mouth breathing. Hands only CPR is an easier skill to teach, learn and maintain ????????
The volunteers hope to increase the survivor rate of cardiac arrest victims from its current 10% to the 65% survivor rate seen in some communities overseas using this method ????
A special thankyou to Dr Mark Miller (middle) and RN Shaun Hicks (left) for giving Hunter Care Group the opportunity, to learn about Emergency department statistics at the John Hunter Hospital and donating your time to educate the community for free ????
If you would like to donate to Hunter Heart Safe, please be sure to visit their website!
– HCG Team