About Us

Our Story

(From our CEO’s Desk)

What motivated you to embark on the development of Hunter Care Group?

Hunter Care Group was born from frustrations I was feeling working in the industry. I couldn’t stand how both staff and clients were treated in this line of work. Clients were seen as ‘shifts’ and an ‘income’ and staff seen as expendable resources. The compassion and elegance in this carer industry seemed to have been long lost.

Many a time, I would put myself in my clients shoes and imagine what it would feel like having no consistency of support, being the victim of last minute changes and meeting new Support Workers every week. This gave me anxiety just thinking about it, I could only imagine how individuals who were already in a vulnerable situation dealt with these frustrations and how it affected their day to day mental health.

At work, as a worker for that organisation, I knew I was expendable, it rung loud and clear every time I stepped foot into my office. In a caring industry, it was disheartening to witness the overwhelming pressure put on my colleagues without appropriate supports and also the burn out rate / mental health break downs in the sector.

I then embarked on a journey with a vision to create a place of balance for both the consumer’s and the staff who work with us. Where consumers know that they are valued and they are being listened to. Where Staff are acknowledged for their differences and know that they are irreplaceable. Where management understand how decisions made would affect our staff and consumers alike. Having a genuine value on the staff that we hire as equal as the care given to our Clients.

We have a hidden ethos we work by, ‘If we take care of our staff to the best of our capability, they will take care of our clients to the best of their capability.’ We work by this with every decision we make.

It is the simple things that make the difference.

What has driven Hunter Care Group’s success in the community?

Keeping true to our main vision at all times, and the drive comes from knowing that a vision can be a potential reality.

A reality that seems to be thriving at Hunter Care Group and the consistent positive feedback received from both our clients and staff would attest to this.

Treating another human being with no less value than myself is a testament to our large success.

Explain Hunter Care Group’s philosophy and values

Dealing with vulnerable people in our community and hearing stories of being let down by the system. Both myself and my team have come up with the values that we feel represents both my personal and Hunter Care Group’s values in the community.

Our commitment is to treat all our clients with respect, honesty and how we would like to be treated if we required support. We do our utmost to demonstrate and reflect our 5 core values to the members of the community we provide support to.

What sets Hunter Care Group apart from other NDIS funded organisations?

‘People before Profit’ makes us stand out from our competitors is what we think. Whilst I am obviously biased, on top of these factors, We do our very best to be smart with the money we earn.

We turn the majority of our profits back into our business to make sure that our Quality standards are never sacrificed to achieve efficiency in company growth. At Hunter Care Group we understand that people come first and the finance follows.

Further to the above, we thrive on innovative thinking and apply this to all we do where able. We thrive on new ideas and we never say no to a brilliant idea. We do our best to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry.