Privacy policy

HCG is dedicated to provide privacy of information in line with the Australian Privacy Principles (‘APPs’) as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). It is expected that all staff dealing with sensitive and/or personal information in the course of their work abide by these standards and principles as outlined within this policy.

HCG holds personal information regarding all staff which identifies them individually. All information collected, stored and utilised is specifically related to the organisation and its activities, including any medical information. HCG treats all information regarding its employees as confidential, and any information gathered relates to, but is not limited to the following; position appointment, performance, health, contact details, payroll details and other such information required to conduct the business.

Collection of Personal Information

In collecting information HCG will;

  • Only collect information necessary for the conduct of business functions and activities; Obtain information in a lawful manner at all times;
  • Collect information for legitimate and lawful purposes;
  • Individual consents to the information being used or disclosed;
  • Disclose any information that is gathered due to legislative requirements;
  • Reasonable suspicion that an illegal activity is being undertaken or has been undertaken;
  • Outline purpose of collecting information and whom the information may be disclosed to;
  • Attain information primarily from the individual employee, if information is gathered through another the individual will be made aware of this occurrence;
  • Inform the individual of any consequences of not providing information requested;
  • Ensure information is not gathered through unreasonably intrusive avenues.

Use and Disclosure

The use and disclosure of information collected by HCG will only be used for the primary purpose of gaining the information, except where;

  • Information disclosed is related to the primary purpose;
  • Individual would reasonably expect the information to be disclosed;
  • Individual consents to the information being used or disclosed;
  • Information possibly prevents threat to life, health and safety of others or to public health and safety;
  • Reasonable suspicion that an illegal activity is being undertaken or has been undertaken;
  • Legislation requires the information be disclosed.

HCG will record any disclosure of information on an employee’s file where the information falls into one of the categories outlined above.

Data Quality

HCG endeavours to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information collected is up-to-date, accurate and complete.

Data Security

HCG will uphold information security through;

  • Taking all reasonable steps to protect information from misuse or loss;
  • Ensure measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access to information which could result in modification or disclosure;
  • HCG will implement technological security measures to protect information and prevent unauthorised access;
  • Destroying any information through secure avenues.