Good News Story!

One of our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches Rachel, has an amazing story to share!

“I first met Steven in December 2020. He had been in the hospital since the beginning of November as he was having episodes of paranoia.”
“I visited Steven numerous times whilst he was still in the Mater Hospital. I got to know Steven, his interests and dislikes, understand his mental health, what he would like for his future and what goals he would like to achieve ✏️????
I mentioned to Steven that HCG has great Support Workers that will be able to support him in accessing the community and along with myself, help him achieve his goals. I knew the perfect Support Worker to firstly introduce to Steven, our superstar Craig.” ❤️????
“Craig began supporting Steven since the end of January and I have only seen positive growth and progression in Steven. One thing that Steven mentioned to me when I first met him was that he had not been to the beach or swam in a pool since he was a kid. Over the past two months, Craig and myself have been prompting Steven of the idea of visiting the beach and going for a swim.” ????‍♀️
“On Thursday 28th of March I get the greatest message that I have ever received – A photo Craig and Steven’s dog Vision at the beach!” ????
“I called Steven after his support and Steven sounded the happiest I have heard him since Steven started with HCG. Accessing the beach was a huge milestone for Steven. Steven hated the beach due to the sensory aspect of having the sand all over his feet but with ongoing encouragement from myself and Craig, Steven was able to overcome his trepidation and would like to access the beach more regularly on supports with his dog Vision.” ❤️
“Steven has achieved a number of significant milestones since leaving hospital which have significantly improved his quality of life and given him a new purpose and direction. Steven’s paranoia has significantly subsides and Steven now engages in supports with HCG 5 days per week and he is absolutely thriving!”
“I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Craig for all of his support with Steven over the past few months! You are just too good” ????
– HCG Team