Good News Story

When Gayle first reached out to Hunter Care Group she described herself a “hermit” having not left her home much in the last two decades due to the severity of her rheumatoid arthritis which affects most of her body????‍⚕️
At first Gayle talked about how she was not sure what she would like to do out in the community, as she had not gone out in the community for such a long time.
Gayle also shared her feelings of anxiety accessing the community on her own????‍♀️
Gayle has been engaging in supports twice per week with Hunter Care Group for around 8-months now and has made significant progress on her goals of accessing the community and maintaining her fitness ????‍♀️????️‍♀️
Gayle described that she has discovered a new favourite coffee shop close to her home, she has begun to engage in conversation with people in public due to her confidence increasing and she attends hydrotherapy approximately once a week with her regular support worker ????‍♀️
One the days where Gayle cannot walk as far due to her pain her support worker will assist her within the home. Gayle’s support worker has also assisted Gayle in cooking meals that she has not prepared in years due to being unable to use certain utensils and they have a lot of fun together whilst cooking or baking.
Gayle’s homemade ice-cream and apple dumplings are said to be incredibly delicious ????
Gayle has even planted a vegetable garden in her front yard with a support worker’s assistance, she now stated she has more home-grown tomatoes than she knows what to do with and she has had to give some away ????????
Gayle also mentioned a significant milestone was achieved in her fitness as she was able to complete a full lap of her block when out walking with her walker and support worker, a proud moment for Gayle and her NDIS support team. continues to create new goals such as wanting to get out to Newcastle beach which is something she has not done for years ????
Proud of you Gayle and your magnificent Support Worker ❤️
– HCG Team